New Jersey Week for The Animals

Details :-

Governor Phil Murphy has issued an encouraging Letter of Support for New Jersey Week for the Animals October 19-27, 2019!  During animal shelters, rescue groups, wildlife centers, libraries, and humane organizations across the state will be hosting fun-filled special events which will be saving lives, building relationships, helping animals and strengthening communities. 

Events will include adoption fairs, low cost & free spay/neuter events, pitbull & bully breed rescue events in honor of Pit Bull Awareness Month, St. Francis blessings for the animals, Greyhound rescue meet 'n' greets, Halloween and FAll Harvest celebrations,  animal sanctuary walks, beach cleans, autumn horse therapy and volunteer activities, animal therapy in hospitals, farm animal sanctuary events, seminars, bird tours/activities, rescue animal donation drives, and therapy animals visiting hospitals and living-assisted homes.

Also to be included are a salute to our working K-9 and handlers, pet first aid workshop, low-cost vaccinations,  vegetarian/vegan meetups, and celebratory fall festivals for families to enjoy friendship, food, music on behalf of the amazing animals. Precious lives will be saved and new relationships will be formed in communities during the dynamic week which will have over 100+ events in the spotlight!

Please note that events and activities will be added even throughout the week. For more info, please see the exciting website and learn how to become involved at